6th Grade Geometry and Measurement Resources

An "Open Middle" format problem: What combination of digits and units would give you the greatest distance? What would give you the least? You must combine your number sense with an understanding of relative unit sizes as you develop a strategy.

This demonstrates how, by removing squares from the corners of a rectangle, we create the net for an open-topped rectangular prism. For a given set of dimensions, experiment to see what size squares will maximize the volume of the prism.

Drag the sliders to change the dimensions of the prism. Allow students to "see" how the volume formula is the product of the 3 dimensions, and how a 3D array evolves from a 2D array.

Put various lengths (randomly generated) in the correct order. Select the units you want to use. Feedback provided.

Select the units you want to use, then guess the volume of the liquid in the container. Feedback provided.