6th Grade Algebra and Functions Resources

In the style of "connect the dots." Enter ordered pairs and this will draw the lines connecting them. Note that this version allows coordinates in all four quadrants (but the GIF shows the first quadrant-only version).

A random function (or "rule") is generated based on the sliders. Send the numbers through the machine to figure out what the rule is. Click on the boxes to see the rule in equation or word form. Alternatively, show the rule then predict the outputs before sending the number through.

There's a randomly generated point somewhere on the coordinate plane (-10 ≤ x ≤ 10 and -10 ≤ y ≤ 10). You have 10 guesses to find it, with hints provided along the way. Note that the GIF is showing the fifth grade version, which is restricted to the first quadrant.

A simple tool for graphing the solutions to linear inequalities (in one variable) and checking individual numbers as solutions. Try to check solutions before looking at the graph.

This activity is meant to give students a more concrete understanding of the steps involved in solving a linear equation of the form ax + b = c (where a, b, c can be any numbers - positive or negative). After you enter your equation, use the properties of equality to solve it, and you'll see the resulting action on the number line. Click "Show solution" at any point in the process.

A random point is placed in any of the four quadrants. Guess its coordinates, then refine that guess as more information is provided.